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Pack your Crap & Let's go on VACAY!

Good Ol' Summertime. Now that the school year is winding down and Memorial Day is right around the corner....What do we do? We take VACATIONS!

I know I've been planning a couple different trips for the summer. It's been on my bucketlist to roadtrip to Texas and visit Waco....and none other than the Magnolia Market. I've always thought Joanna Gains and I have a lot in common. My Brax says I was using her asthetics for home decor 20 years ago. (He's not wrong)

It seems she and I have the same taste in a lot of things. However...She's just got her sh*t together....I do not. I'm just excited to jump in the car with my partner in crime. Hit up every antique and thrift store along the way and go check out what the Gains' have going on.

But...what's a summer vacation without a trip to Florida?!

What's your favorite Florida destination? Disney? The Beach? I plan on doing both this summer.

I did get a chance to do the beach back in April, but the weather was crummy, windy and cold. So...I've got some plans to make up. I was pretty impressed with the "Florabama" area. We often traveled to Pensecola/Fort Walton/Destin when I was a kid, but I don't remember ever going to Perdido Key ....which is right next to Orange Beach, Alabama. Cool Area! You can even watch the Blue Angels on their practice days from there. 

I love Florida and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach...but...One of these days...I wanna go back to the Smokey Mountains. That was another popular destination our family of 7 would head to. A few times, we would meet my dad's old Navy buddy and his family near Gatlinburg. We always had a great time and I remember loving it. Now that I think about it, the last time I was there was probably 1979 give or take a few years. Might be time to plan that trip!

No matter where I decide to travel to this summer, I am going to be ready! 

After seeing a friend post about her husband's luggage being stolen, I've ordered myself the Apple Air Tags. 


For real! Her husband's belongings were switched out with, what appeared to be, a nomad's scruffy tennis shoes, a few raggedy clothing items, some head phones and a couple library cards. All their souvenirs from their Alaskan cruise.....gone! At least with the Apple Air Tags I can track my bags as they are being unloaded off the plane.

I am also gonna use packing cubes in my suitcase! After that Disney cruise...I ordered myself a set. I am looking forward to having everything organized for once and not have socks or underwear stuck in the pocket of my shorts. Not gonna say I know how embarrassing it is to have a pair of your granny panties fall out of your pocket on your way thru a crowded cruise ship and have a stranger pick them up and holler "hey! I think you dropped these".

GET YOU SOME PACKING CUBES....You can thank me later.


Regardless of where you are planning to travel this sure and be prepared! Get organized. Make a plan. Make sure you have your sunscreen and a favorite hat. Keep all your belongings safe and easy to locate.....EVEN YOUR KIDS!  Hang one of those air tags around their necks if you have to.

There. I said it...

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